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At least 13 dead while migrant boat capsizing off Italian island from Lampedusa

Twenty-two individuals were rescued from the sea and taken into property.

The smugglers’ boat abbreviated as a patrol ship was planning to shoot migrants on board in rough seas around six miles (10 km ) away Lampedusa only after midnight, the coast guard said in a statement.

Twenty-two migrants were rescued from the sea, and 13 bodies have been recovered — two instantly, and 11 through a subsequent search operation. The coast guard said most of the recovered bodies were of girls.

Italian coast guard helicopters and boats were looking for more of those missing.

Doctors Without Borders says that the Ocean Viking boat functions as requested by Italian governments to combine the operation.

Initial reports by police in Sicily who received the distress call place the number of migrants on board around 50.

The coast guard had no further information on the amount of could be overlooking.

The U.N. refugee agency said the mortal shipwreck”highlights once more that urgent action is required to cover the problem on the Mediterranean.”

In the absence of an EU investigation and rescue operation, the task of bolstering migrants has mostly been abandoned to humanitarian rescue boats, which both Italy and Malta have always refused to let to port.

Meanwhile, the Spanish help group Open Arms said Monday it rescued 44 individuals, including one toddler and a months-old infant, on a wooden vessel seeking to reach European shores.

Gerard Canals, chief of mission of the Open Arms rescue vessel, said the ship was discovered late Sunday at Malta’s rescue zone, roughly 50 miles (80 km ) in the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Canals stated that Malta’s rescue coordination center told the band to not offer you the migrants any help, stating that Italy would likely send a patrol ship from Lampedusa, roughly an hour off. However, Open Arms chose to save them anyhow after waiting because the ship would not have forced it into land without petrol and confronted adverse weather.

“The shock was to hear Malta’s directions — that advised us to allow them to continue to sail. We’re speaking about a boat in distress, an overcrowded boat with no sort of assurance it can reach everywhere, and apparently without sufficient fuel to make it to the island of Lampedusa,” Open Arms Founder Oscar Camps told a news conference near Barcelona.

Malta’s authorities declined to comment.

In video comments distributed by the help group, Canals stated that 44 rescued — 38 men, four girls, a 4-year-old boy, and a child approximately 6 to 9 months old — were in good shape.