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At least 140 Kids with Severe health Issues living at Moria migrant camp, says MSF

At least 140 kids with severe health conditions live to a Greek migrant camp with no access to health care, it has been claimed.

“We see lots of children suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, and heart disease that are forced to live in tents in abysmal, unhygienic conditions, without the access to the psychiatric medical care and drugs they want,” explained Dr. Hilde Vochten, MSF medical secretary in Greece.

“MSF is currently in talks with the Greek government to move children to the mainland to get urgent health care, but although several kids were screened, none were moved yet.

“The government’s overall unwillingness to discover a fast-paced, systematic solution to all these kids, including a few infants, is eccentric –it hurts their health and may result in lifelong effects as well as death.”

Moria includes a capacity for 3,000 individuals but there are now over 19,000 people crammed onto the website, according to MSF.

Among these are over a 1,000 unaccompanied migrant children.

“Hundreds of only kids on Lesbos are left to fend for themselves, sleeping mats and cardboard boxes, vulnerable to dangerous and worsening weather conditions,” explained Eva Cossé, Greek researcher in Human Rights Watch. “The Greek government will need to desperately make sure that these kids are safe and cared for.”

“We’re currently creating right sick adults since they had the opportunity to grow as kids,” cautioned MSF psychologist Grigoris Kavarnos.

Last week it appeared that there was a substantial gain in the number of folks making unauthorized admissions into Europe in Turkey this past year, according to the European Union’s border bureau.

Over 82,000 migrants tried to go into the EU in the eastern Mediterranean road in 2019, in comparison to 55,900 annually earlier.

Last week local politicians went to Athens to request the authorities to do more to tackle the overcrowding.

“We believe taxpayers’ stress and indignation warranted,” said migration ministry Notis Mitarakisafter the assembly. “

“Our nation is addressing a migration crisis and improved migration flows in 2019 place strain on nearby communities”

Greece has become the primary point of entry to the European Union for thousands and thousands of people fleeing poverty or war in the home, with most coming on eastern Aegean islands in neighboring Turkey.

Just those deemed vulnerable could be moved into the mainland.

Mitarakis reported the authorities as well as also the islands’ officials consented to current priorities, which will be to decrease the number of new arrivals, ease overcrowding in the camps, accelerate returns to Turkey, enhance the asylum procedure and enhance healthcare centers on the islands.

The minister added that he will be meeting with the mayors and regional governor every fourteen days.