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At least 143 protesters have Expired in Iran, says Amnesty International

That is based on human rights organization Amnesty International that claims that the deaths caused by the usage of guns and tear gas out of security forces.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated last week that the protests have been a safety issue that hadn’t been completed by the people.

Tehran has said death toll amounts were”fabricated”.

Amnesty International claims that reports from eyewitnesses and victims in addition to video footage demonstrating security forces shooting unarmed protesters” provide clear signs”.

“The global community’s careful and muted reaction to the criminal killing of protesters is woefully insufficient,” explained Philip Luther,” Amnesty International’s Middle East Research and Advocacy Director.

Access to the net was blocked throughout the demonstrations in one of the most significant internet blackouts the nation has undergone.

Experts said that police have been curtailing access to the world wide web to prevent people from organizing.