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Australia ends Hong Kong extradition agreement, extends visas

Australia’s prime minister says his state has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and prolonged visas for Hong Kong residents in reaction to China’s imposition of a challenging national safety law about the semi-autonomous land.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday declared a range of visas that are going to be extended from two to five decades and provides pathways to permanent residency visas. It’s not clear how many taxpayers are predicted to find the extensions.

The move comes after China jumped Hong Kong’s Legislative Council to inflict the sweeping security laws without public consultation.

Britain, too, is expanding residency rights for as much as 3 million Hong Kongers qualified for British National Overseas passports, letting them reside and operate in the U.K. for five decades.

Canada has supposed its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and is considering other alternatives including migration.