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Australia firefighting C-130 tanker Airplane crashes in New South Wales, killing three Team

“Tragically, there seem to be no survivors because of the wreck down from the Snowy Monaro region,” NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons told reporters.

“[The aircraft] impacted greatly with the floor and first reports are that there was a massive fireball connected to the effect of the airplane as it struck the floor.”

The aircraft was composed by Portland, Oregon-based Coulson Aviation. It stated it had been was”deeply saddened” by the crash, which occurred as the aircraft was taking retardant onto a firebombing mission.

The state premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, called it”dreadful and devastating information” and stated the 3 team were”US inhabitants”.

“Now is a primitive and dreadful reminder of the dangerous states our volunteers, our emergency services staff across numerous agencies tackle a daily basis,” she told reporters.

“And it lets us consider only the situation people are facing daily. We’ve got over 1,700 volunteers and staff from the area now. You will find five flames, one at the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and four New South Wales, now at crisis warning level”

The blaze being fought with the airplane only started on Wednesday but was fanned by strong winds and high temperatures.

Another fire started near Canberra airport Thursday, disrupting aviation.