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Australia reviewing DRS Procedure after Headingley howler – Paine

Australia is reviewing how that they utilize cricket’s Decision Review System after disregarding off their final referral late at the Headingley cliffhanger from England, captain Tim Paine has stated.

Paine that has worn lots of criticism for his challenging inspection said the group was seeking to think of a better strategy for the remainder of the sequence.

“And we could, I guess, collect information about what different men and women are visiting on the area in the time and at that 15 seconds attempt to create a better choice than that which we’ve been doing, but it is a bit of trial and error.

The wasted inspection was one of a ton of accidents at the last hour since Australia gave up a seemingly safe place to let England back to the sequence.

Paine started his group was “clearly really dejected” from the immediate wake at Headingley on Sunday, but he was thrilled at the way they had banded together in the days since.

“Losses like this can wear down groups and split classes apart,” he explained.

“Pleased with this fact we have moved on fast. We surely did not paper over the cracks.

“We all know we made a few fairly obvious mistakes, especially in that final hour. We have had some fairly honest conversations relating to this.”

Stokes established a game-changer in Headingley and Paine came in for criticism because of his area rankings because the all-rounder blasted

Australia’s strike to all areas of the ground.

Paine stated there was little he’d have changed, however, barring requesting his group to take their opportunities when provided.

“At the past two test matches, I believe Nathan Lyon’s got out him roughly six or seven days. We have either lost the lbws are given not out, and we have not known them.

“Thus, Lyon’s consistently had some success. We have only got to him back up and catch these opportunities or learn how to use this DRS somewhat better.”