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Australia would welcome official invitation to G7, States government spokesman

Australia would welcome a formal invitation to the Group of Seven (G7) countries and there’s been contact on the topic involving the prime minister and also the USA, ” a government spokesman said on Sunday.

“Australia would welcome a formal invitation. Strengthening international collaboration among like-minded nations is appreciated in a period of unprecedented international challenges.”

US President Donald Trump stated he’d postpone a G7 summit he’d expected to maintain next month before September or later and enlarge the list of invitees to comprise Australia, Russia, South Korea, and India.

US-Australia ties are powerful, though recent White House remarks on the roots of this coronavirus outbreak have defeated Australia’s drive for an independent inquiry, sources have told Reuters. Both safety spouses also diverged dramatically in their direction of this pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was so much one of very few world leaders to pay a state visit to Washington throughout Trump’s tenure, and the two leaders have publicly signaled their camaraderie.

Morrison, unlike some European leaders, has prevented criticizing Trump openly and has awakened with the United States in its own tougher stance against China, Australia’s most important trading partner.