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Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales revamps Legislation on abortions

Legislators at Australia’s most populous country voted Thursday to decriminalize abortion following a fractious debate that threatened to split the conservative government of New South Wales.

The laws were revamping century-old legislation which made a voice vote has passed abortion punishable by up to ten years in prison at the state legislature.

“Abortion was decriminalized in NSW. It took a long time,” separate legislator Alex Greenwich, among the sponsors of this bill, composed in a tweet.

The law makes it possible for terminations for girls that are around 22 months pregnant. Past 22 weeks, two physicians will need to accept that abortion, and they also must look for help from a hospital advisory committee.

Previously, physicians could perform abortions only when they thought to continue the pregnancy could do severe injury to the woman’s health.

South Australia is currently the only state to criminalize abortion.

The laws introduced by separate lawmakers had split the judgment center-right state authorities and jeopardized the direction of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The rift was treated after conservative legislators secured help to amend the bill to require a hospital committee to advise abortions after 22 weeks.

He explained in a statement it”could be the oddest legislation passed in New South Wales these days, as this represents such a stunning abdication of duty to safeguard the vulnerable members of the community.”