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Austria suspends train Visitors to and from Italy over coronavirus

Austria suspended all train traffic to and from Italy on Sunday after being advised that two passengers were presenting symptoms of this novel coronavirus.

Austria’s Interior Ministry stated that it had ceased a train traveling from the Italian town of Venice until it could cross the boundary after being educated by Italy’s railroad business two people aboard had a fever.

But, just before midnight Austria’s Federal Railways declared on Twitter the ban was raised following the passengers tested negative for the new strain of coronavirus.

It comes after three individuals from Venice had died from the illness. All were over age 80.

Italy has reported that a surge of instances in the virus on the weekend using 152 confirmed instances — the greatest amount outside China.

Nearly all these have been reported in Lombardy and Veneto major Italian governments to cancel the rest of the renowned Venice carnival and soccer matches and to close down schools and museums.

Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer had previously from the day told his compatriots that the police”take the position in Italy very seriously and have been in close relationship with the Italian government throughout our liaison officer in Italy”

“There is not any need to fear in Austria, Austria is well prepared,” he added.

Many 181 people in Austria have been examined for the illness, all of these negative, ” the ministry stated.