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Authorities in Denmark Create arrests over suspected terror plot

Authorities in Denmark have arrested 20 people in connection with supposed training for an Islamist terrorist assault.

They stated several raids were produced throughout the nation on Wednesday and that suspects were detained for attempting to obtain explosives and guns.

The raids were mounted on the meaning that many individuals were planning an assault, the Danish intelligence agency said in a news conference together with authorities.

“It’s our evaluation, that those folks are driven with a militant, Islamist rationale,” operational chief of the intelligence agency, Flemming Drejer, stated.

A number of those detained would confront preliminary questioning on Thursday on charges of terrorism,” leader of police Jorgen Bergen Skov explained.

“It is very important to underline that we arrested all those, we’ve been on the lookout for,” Skov explained. “We now have the problem in check.”

Denmark hasn’t seen that a militant attack because 2015 when two individuals were killed and six police officers were injured. In that event, a single gunman shot and killed a man outside a civilization center hosting a discussion on freedom of speech, and afterward killed an individual outside a Jewish synagogue in central Copenhagen.

This season, the Danish government-imposed temporary boundary controllers during its boundary with Sweden after the bombing of the Danish Tax Agency in Copenhagen, which caused the arrest of three indigenous guys.