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Authorities in North Macedonia Locate 211 migrants crammed into truck in Greek border

Authorities in North Macedonia have discovered 211 migrants — such as 63 kids — packaged into a truck close to the boundary with Greece.

The truck has been stopped by border authorities around midnight Monday during a regular check on a regional street close to the town of Gevgelija.

Police state that 144 of those migrants are from Bangladesh and 67 in Pakistan.

The truck driver, a 27-year-old Macedonian nationwide identified by police only by his initials (EP), had been detained.

The person has been held in the Gevgelija Police Station before charges are filed.

Police officers from the Regional Center for Border Affairs and Migration state the truck held Skopje registration plates.

The migrants were arrested and moved to a refuge transit facility in Gevgelija impending deportation back to Greece.

The Greek boundary with North Macedonia was closed earlier this season on account of this coronavirus pandemic, but trafficking networks stay active in the region.