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Avengers Endgame Created this Enormous Doctor Strange Mistake, and no one Discovered

After Avengers Endgame came out a year ago, the diehard Marvel lovers went through it with a fine toothcomb, making certain the Russo Brothers were able to pull the movie with no continuity problems. The movie failed to produce plot holes since it amalgamated minutes from 20-odd movies before to provide MCU followers a closure of sorts.

On the other hand, the eagle-eyed lovers appear to have missed out on a single error. Throughout the time heist since the Avengers embark on three distinct assignments to recover the Infinity Stones, not what happens as each strategy. Things go awry at New York however, The Hulk is effective in getting the Time Stone in the Ancient One.

Refusing to deliver the rock to him she states it’s the”responsibility of the Sorcerer Supreme to guard the Time Stone”.

“Strange is intended to be the finest people,” she states, accepting there should be a reason why he did this. When Unusual visits Kamar-Taj, she won’t instruct him.

“Stubbornness. Arrogance. Ambition. I have seen it beforeā€¦ I can’t lead another talented student to electricity, just to lose him into the shadow,” she informs Mordo at a personal conversation, as she speaks about the movie’s villain Kaecilius. If she had been conscious of Doctor Strange in 2012 if the Battle of New York happened, why did she refuse to instruct him 2016 if Doctor Strange is put? This is a plot hole that prevented detection in the time of this movie’s release.