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Baby turtle with two heads Seen, Called Squirt and Crush

The picture of a baby turtle that was recently seen in a beach on South Carolina has abandoned many amazed. It is because the creature showcased a scarce characteristic — just two heads.

A nonprofit organization called Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island chose to Facebook to discuss the picture of the unusual creature on August 28.

“We thought we’d seen it throughout this hectic year on Sea Turtle Patrol! Yesterday on patrol in a nest stock this bicephalic hatchling was detected,” they wrote. “This mutation occurs more frequently in reptiles than in other animals, but it’s still quite rare. Like other live hatchlings located throughout a nest stock, this hatchling was released to the sea. They included.

Ever since being shared, the article has captured the interest of several. It is quite apparent from over 7,000 responses, over 6,000 stocks, and approximately 1,000 remarks the material has accumulated till today.

People dropped all kinds of opinions on this article. While a few were astonished, some thanked the business in take good care of their baby turtle.

“Amazing!! Hope we see this gorgeous creature in the upcoming!! Grow large & powerful!!” “Wow, this is something I have never noticed. What are the chances of success? I hope it succeeds and lived a very long life. “That’s so incredible. Commented a third party.