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Back Pain after Sneeze

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your back after sneezing? Well, be thankful if you haven’t but if you have don’t ignore it. Watch out for your symptoms next time when you sneeze and if you feel that piercing pain going right down your spine, you need to consult a doctor.

Let’s first understand why does back pain after sneezing.

Back pain after sneezing is caused due to increased pressure on the spinal canal, resulting in sharp lower back pain. The muscles in the lower back are responsible for holding the bones of your spinal canal in place and connect to nerves which stretch throughout the body. If you’ve suffered from back related injuries in the past, your muscles and ligaments are more prone to this kind of pain. Some people also face pain in upper back after sneezing.

How can you avoid this?

Spine issues once caused continue for a life time. These not only make your back feel weak but also restrict you in certain ways. So it is always better to be cautious of the wrong things that we do on daily bass which if avoided can save us from this discomfort.

  • Keep your back straight while sneezing – Do not haunch forward or round your back as this is a poor posture for your spine creating pressure on it. 
  • Give yourself support – If possible give yourself support by placing your hand on something like desk when you feel a sneeze coming on.

Some ways to combat pain 

  • Take some rest – Rest is to be taken sufficient enough to provide you some relief. Do not lie down too much as your back starts paining more if you keep lying down for a long time.
  • Use lumbar-chair support – Lumbar chair cushions minimize the lower back strain and reduce the stiffness or pain. This is a good aid in preventing long term back pain.
  • Ice packs – Using ice packs when feeling pain in back due to sneeze can give you a good relief. However be sure that ice packs are not to be applied when there are muscle knots or muscle spasms as they may get worse with the cold sensations.
  • Heat packs – Like ice pack, heat therapy is also a commonly used treatment for back pain and it works magical especially for muscle knots.  
  • Keep walking – You need to be as much mobile as you can if you have problem of back pain. So to deal with the sneeze causing you back pain, you have to become a little active, try a few gentle stretches, do not sit or stand for a long and perhaps  join some activity like aerobics, swimming etc.
  • Be considerate about your footwear – Wear good quality insoles and shoes .Pack pain increases with continued standing and thus choosing right kind of footwear can save you from the start going through feet and legs up to lumbar region.

Back pain is one of the subtle kinds of pain that may not show up but you know that it is there giving you that constant distress. So take care of these little things and maintain a good posture to help you fight the pain.