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Barcelona face Real Madrid against postponed El Clasico amid heavy protection

El Clasico, the largest game in the Spanish soccer calendar, is set to proceed tonight following the highly anticipated competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid has been postponed back in October amid safety issues.

While in soccer terms the stakes could not be greater, with the ferocious competition neck and neck on the peak of the La Liga table, El Clasico is going to be played at the capital amid continuing political protests.

The match was likely to be played October 26 but has been called off after a wave of sometimes violent protests at Barcelona, a consequence of the prison sentences handed down to nine Catalan separatist leaders that month.

While the town is a lot calmer two weeks later, there were calls from an activist set for tonight’s match at the Nou Camp to be utilized as a platform for protests before a worldwide audience.

Democratic Party has encouraged supporters to collect close to the scene before tonight’s kick-off, which is scheduled for 2 pm CET.

The team has insisted any demonstration has to be non-violent, and it stated the entire world will see the message”Spain, sit and speak”.

A 3,000-strong force of private and public safety officers will be trying to be sure the match isn’t disrupted.

The game won’t be postponed, it is everybody’s duty to make sure it goes forward.”

In the last several decades Barcelona has come out in addition to El Clasico games in the league, and the winners are pursuing a fifth league title in only six seasons.