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Barx Buddy Device Reviews : It’s Harmful Or Helpful For Pets?

Last updated on March 2, 2020

Barx Buddy is one of the recently launched pet gadgets to hit the market in the United States. 

Designed by an Ex-Professional Dog Trainer, the intention is to develop a way to control bad dog behaviour. 

Of-course over a period of time you would not like your pet’s non-stop barking at the doorbell, or late at night. If you do not stop them in the first place from destroying your couch cushions or any other annoying pet behaviour, the chances are that they will make it a habit.

So as a solution to it, Bark Buddy works really well. The device works by producing a super high pitched whistle that only pets can hear are not audible to human hear.

The sound received by the dog is unpleasant for him. This in turn indicates him that he is behaving in  an unwanted way and due to their inherent trait of obliging their masters, the device is able to make the dog stop the behaviour not admired by you.  Be assured, it doesn’t cause them any pain, or hurt them at all, but it will help stop their bad behaviour. 

So if you have a new pet, it is the right time for you to try it.

Is Barx Buddy worth a use?

Well, this depends on the breed of the dog and the way you use it. 

However, having read reviews online, these are mostly in favour of the product.  While it can be used for cats, but the product is designed specifically for dogs. Also not all breeds may be adaptable to this.

As published online, the product has shown good results in breeds like  – Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Yorki-Poo, German Shepherd, Boxer,  Husky, Weiner Dog, Bulldog, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Poodle, Yorkshire and Gold Retriever.

One case of the product working successfully has also come for Pitbull where it stopped from coming towards at the local dog park.

So if you’re looking for a way to correct bad dog behaviour without spending much on a dog trainer, then this is the device you may try.

Some Technical Facts about the device

Its technical features incorporate some functions that allow the dog to react precisely when it reacts incorrectly. The device has the following functions:

  • Ultrasonic sound (inaudible to humans)
  • Flashlight
  • Infrared light
  • Two setting options

How to Use Barx Buddy?

Now you don’t need to shout, whenever your dog/puppy barks rather you can use Barx Buddy. 

Clicking on the button of the training tool by going near him will release the ultrasonic noise that can be judged by your dog easily to which he pays attention. 

This helps you make a friendly environment as you are communicating with your dog.

Also be sure to read the instructions on the wrapper carefully.


Honestly, there isn’t any harm in trying this device. The safety and the ease to use the product make it quite attractive even if you don’t want to go by the reviews.

It does not cause any pain or damage them at all, but it is going to help prevent their bad behaviors. As a brand new pug owner myself, I guessed it’d be useful when I tested it outside and watched whether it really could live up to it has stated advantages. My bug is learning to be a fantastic boy, so this is the ideal product for me to experiment with him.

BarxBuddy is a safe and efficient training tool that could help train your puppy from excess or loud barking. If you have always wanted to attempt ultrasonic sound treatment, you can find a BarxBuddy here.

Weekly training classes:

I am pretty sure her excess yapping is out of her chihuahua facet! I tried several training courses with her to be able to restrain her barking, and she had been quite receptive, but the classes were costly and inconvenient to program.

I have never attempted these collars any pet. However, I understand many puppies owners who have. Though the may operate, there’s the ethical problem of using shock treatment on creatures. Should you get on the internet, you will discover endless videos of folks trying shock apparatus independently, and even they can not deal with the pain in the jolt. The collars assert to assist with barking rather than damage the creature, but it is apparent once the bounce touches a person, it might be somewhat painful… or much debilitating! In certain areas, shock collars are prohibited and may even face hefty penalties.

I believe treats are a terrific bonus for pets. There are lots of wholesome choices which assist with functionality, shiny coats, and also encourage heart function. But gifts aren’t necessarily a sensible solution. And not everybody will carry a couple of healthful treats in their own pockets.

 Why is BarxBuddy better compared to other choices?

BarxBuddy utilizes noninvasive, and nonviolent, effective procedures of training your pet to lessen their barking. This training apparatus has an ultrasonic transmitter which generates 130dB of noise that just your pet can listen to.

Employing a negative or positive tone, BarxBuddy will gradually alert your pet to stop barking instantly.

It is effortless to use. Barx Buddy will begin enjoying with a sound that they could hear that will make them start backing away from it. Once they do this, let go of the button and then give your puppy a deal, so they understand great things happen when they are not misbehaving.

If Barx Buddy does not do the trick in first since your puppy has been more aggressive and misbehaving, then, also, it comes equipped with a flashlight which you could turn on and point at them which makes it much more effective. The torch which comes outfitted on it can also be used at night when you are taking your puppy for walks.

However, you don’t merely have to utilize Barx Buddy in your dog. That is really where Barx Buddy was particularly helpful for me. While I take Milo my year old Pug for walks in the dog park, occasionally more competitive dogs like to develop and disturb us. Only a week, this occurred when I was playing fetch with Milo… A significant pitbull (who was not neutered) always came hurrying towards us each time I would throw Milo the chunk. This was becoming a bit frightening for me, and also whoever owns the pit bull was not doing anything to avoid this behavior. The simple fact that it worked was something that I was amazed about.

The BarxBuddy ultrasonic training apparatus employs the very humane method potential to train your pet to stop barking effectively. But bear in mind, you can’t wish to keep your dog from crying forever, just when it begins to escape control or occurs at the wrong moment.

The BarxBuddy ultrasonic therapy apparatus doesn’t have any impact on your pet’s hearing or health.

My Verdict About Barx Buddy

Following using Barx Buddy for many weeks, I will tell you that it works to fix most bad behaviors in my dog. It is essential to remember that I can not confirm any claims made that state it works with different pets, so I doubt very much it’ll do the job to get a cat or bird regardless of what a few of the advertising states. Regarding my bug, however, it did prevent him from barking if the doorbell rang, or chewing in my slippers. The Barx Buddy site says it must work with all sorts of puppies — and I have done some research online, and people say They’ve examined it and it functions together with all the following breeds:

  • Chihuahua
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Yorkie-Poo
  • German Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Husky
  • Weiner Dog
  • Bulldog
  • Rottweiler
  • Fantastic Dane
  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire
  • Gold Retriever

I may even say that it functioned to prevent a pitbull from coming at the local dog park — which means you can add this to the list of strains it ought to work on. If you’re trying to find a way to fix bad dog behaviour without spending thousands upon a puppy coach then this is the device that you desire.

Where do I get a BarxBuddy now?

If you are prepared to buy the BarxBuddy pet coach, you can purchase it in their official site. When I purchased mine, then they were sold out, so that I highly suggest buying more than one if you have the opportunity. In case you’ve got other dog owners who may benefit from this training instrument, you can purchase some at a premium cost. The more you buy, the higher the bargains are. What is impressive, is your 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, in case you do not feel as if BarxBuddy is for you, there is no danger, and you may return it directly back again.


You can buy it straight from the manufacturer’s site here: