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Bayer to pay $10.9 billion to Repay weedkiller cancer Suits

German chemical giant Bayer said Wednesday it would pay around $10.9 billion (9.6 billion euros) to repay a tide of lawsuits against Americans who allege its Roundup weedkiller due to their cancers.

The dispute was continuing since 2018, once the company bought the US firm, Monsanto, making Roundup.

“The Roundup payoff is the ideal action at the ideal time to get Bayer to deliver a very long period of uncertainty to a conclusion,” explained CEO Werner Baumann at a statement.

The agreement would bring close to approximately 75 percent of the 125,000 asserts, the announcement said.

The sudden settlement statement is made up of charge of $8.8 billion to $9.6 billion to solve the recent Roundup asserts, Bayer stated $1.25 billion to tackle possible future fallout.

Bayer still denies any wrongdoing and stated Roundup’s most important ingredient glyphosate is secure. However, plaintiffs stated the glyphosate weedkiller due to their illness. Many suffered in the bloodstream cancer non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Bayer worried that the arrangement wouldn’t cover three cases now going through the appeals procedure.

It comprised the initial Roundup case brought on by college groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson who was finally granted $78.5 million.

Bayer also consented to pay $820 million to repay decades-old complaints about poisonous substances which cause water contamination called PCBs.

Additionally, it agreed to repay US lawsuits between dicamba herbicide that has been blamed for moving plants in the USA, by drifting to plants struggling to withstand it.

Bayer’s share price climbed almost six percent after the statement.