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Belarus defies virus Epidemic as thousands attend Victory Day parade

The nation which not enforced limitations to stop the coronavirus disperses despite sharply rising disease figures.

Tens of thousands of audiences, few of them wearing masks, saw a big function.

Some war veterans from the racks wore masks, but generally, there were a couple of masks to be observed at the majority of spectators.

President Alexander Lukashenko has always disregarded concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a”psychosis”, though the number of diseases reported in his nation overtook neighboring Ukraine, which has four times as many men and women.

Thus far, Belarus, a country of roughly 9 million people, has listed over 21,000 cases of coronavirus disease and more than 120 deaths.

It was also among the few states which didn’t halt the soccer tournament, maintaining at precisely the same time its stores, restaurants, and churches available.

In the parade, Prime Minister Lukashenko claimed that”we did not have an option as well as when we had it, we’d have done the same” to maneuver in the view of Soviet soldiers that fought to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.

The war, where the Soviet Union lost an estimated 26 million individuals including 8.5 million soldiers, hugely influenced the land of Belarus.

Neighboring Russia postponed the commemorations into some later date, choosing a low-scale ceremony.

The World Health Organization had called for discovering”alternative options” to celebrate the 75 decades of this Nazi-Germany defeat.