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Belgian Area Prohibits Halal and Kosher slaughter of Creatures

As of September 1st the area of Wallonia has united the region of Flanders in efficiently banning halal and kosher slaughter, a choice which has serious consequences for butchers.

“From this moment we might need to shut our organization. We can’t sell meat which isn’t halal,” a single butcher advised Euronews.

Animal slaughter without prior stunning is currently prohibited in many EU countries. Belgium the most recent to check the authorized lines.

Animal Welfare team GAIA claims that the ban isn’t targeting particular religious communities.

Not whatsoever. . .Even should you observe the principles of this’artwork’ meaning that you use an extremely sharp sword, then you do everything in line with the spiritual tradition, then the creature will endure,” states Michel Vandenbosch, President of GAIA.

EU legislation on animal welfare demand magnificent – but let religious exceptions. Kosher and halal slaughter prohibit stunning.

. .and they now have a good deal of difficulties with Judes (sic Jewish) organisations. That is precisely why we must visit justice together with all the Jude[sic] organisations”

While the Muslim and Jewish communities attempt to resist the ban in Wallonia, Belgium’s constitutional court has sent a case into the EU’s top court to its Flemish area’s ban.

A judgment is expected within a couple of decades and could set a precedent for the rest of Europe.