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Ben Affleck thanks ex-wife Jennifer Garner for Encouraging him through sobriety

Affleck was detailing his attempts to kick his booze addiction and the way his heavy drinking led to the breakdown of his marriage to Garner, lately media interviews while promoting his new film The Way Back. During a frank conversation with Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer, he wished to provide a distinctive shout-out into the mother of the three kids, reports

Following the first portion of this pre-recorded sit-down aired in the united states, a newswoman read a notice Affleck had composed for Garner.

It said: “What I need to state publicly and openly is ‘Thank you. Thank you to be considerate, considerate, responsible, and also a fantastic mother and individual’.”

The tribute came following the 47-year-old celebrity told that the newswoman he never anticipated his alcohol problems to cause the afterward couple’s breakup in 2015 and eventual divorce, which he called his”biggest sorrow.”

“I did not need to get divorced, so I did not wish to become a divorced individual, I truly did not wish to become a split household with my kids. It upset me since it meant that I was not who I believed I had been that has been painful and so unsatisfactory in myself,” he explained.