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Bergamo hospitals Complete of Italy’s coronavirus nightmare worsens

A physician in town in the center of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak says that employees are currently having to turn patients away because the hospital is overly complete.

Bergamo has become the epicenter of the epidemic following Codogno from the Lombardy area.

“We have saturated our mattress availability, we’re in trouble, we must send away patients to other hospitals, all of the intensive care units at the areas are complete so this is truly a large big issue,” he informed Euronews.

“All areas are occupied by individuals with different conditions – 20 areas are inhabited by people with different ailments and 80 are inhabited by Covid patients.

Italy has passed China since the worst-hit nation on the planet by coronavirus, according to the latest statistics published by the authorities.

Rome reported 427 brand new COVID-19 deaths a day, carrying its death toll on 3,405, over 150 before China. Italy’s total stood at 1,016 only a week before, however, using 300-400 new deaths per day it’s tripled over that interval.

D’Antiga explained that the hospital could finally have to deal with patients everywhere in the clinic, or even move them to other centers, even though additional hospitals in the area will also be complete.

“We’ve got an inflow that’s quite impressive but we do not possess an outflow.

“So half of this hospital is working on those patients.”

D’Antiga added that elderly patients with acute diseases weren’t being treated due to a lack of amenities.

“We’ve 400 patients on the ward, and our intensive maintenance is complete so if the numbers keep rising then we’ll need to decide to not resuscitate patients who six months ago would have been resuscitated,” he explained.

“The problem is truly dramatic, the disposition is depressing, relatives can not remain with patients throughout their entry and several others perish without anybody around. Additionally, it is prohibited to get funerals, so even the previous prayer can not be carried out correctly.”