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Biden Effort refutes speculation of a one-term pledge

Joe Biden’s effort denied Wednesday that the 77-year-old Democrat is contemplating a pledge to serve just 1 term if elected president refusing a report which it stayed a consideration.

“Lots of chatter out there with this so only need to be crystal clear: this isn’t a dialogue our effort is having rather than something VP Biden is considering,” deputy campaign director Kate Bedingfield tweeted.

Politico, mentioning”four individuals who regularly speak to Biden,” reported the effort had revived talks about if the former president could openly vow to serve one term if elected, which Biden himself had indicated to aides he wouldn’t seek out re-election.

But aides also have insisted these thoughts were finally cast aside.

The Politico narrative quotes Biden as becoming more circumspect when requested by the Associated Press regarding the notion in October. “I feel great and I could say is, see me, you are going to see,” he explained. “It does not mean I’d run another term. I am not likely to make that decision now.”

Biden will be 81 because he approached a possible re-election bidding; his era was a recurring issue on the campaign trail, one of his Democratic competitors. Last week at Iowa, a voter who challenged Biden about his son’s company ties in Ukraine also questioned if he had the emotional faculties to function, prompting Biden to challenge the guy into a push-up competition.

Bedingfield’s tweet doesn’t address what Biden might have told confidantes privately. However, Biden’s closest advisers have long worried that exactly what the former vice president may inform allies and friends in private conversations doesn’t necessarily always signify his true-believing, which he frequently requires a place — even one that he does not want to pursue — in discussions with other people to attempt to vet ideas.

Biden has stated openly he may not have run for the presidency in 2020 if Donald Trump weren’t in office.