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Bigg Boss 13 premiere: Where to See, timing and Whatever else you Want to know

Last updated on September 29, 2019

Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss will premiere its 13th year on Sunday and lovers are waiting eagerly to the series to kick start.

You may even view it on or the Voot program right after the series is aired on tv. Voot also supplies additional footage -“hidden” movies and”uncut episodes” are important attractions of this electronic platform.

Salman Khan to hand out jobs before contestants enter the Home

This time around, the contestants will be awarded different jobs before they set foot in the home. The contestants’ functionality will affect their entrance in the house. The 1 contestant who wins the utmost jobs also gets an edge over the others.

Bigg Boss will present a new notion named BFF – Bed Friends Forever – which will make contestants discuss beds with fellow contestants. Every contestant will be given a color tag with’BFF’ ( Bed buddies forever) written on it and also will be requested to locate their bed partner once within the home.


Unlike previous seasons if the favorite series was themed around plane or acquaintances, Bigg Boss 13 will not have any theme.
Ever since the very first voucher, sponsor Salman and the manufacturers have been stressing about the fact that Bigg Boss 13 will possess a finale’ in four months, but will last for another 2 months.

Stars only

After conducting several seasons with the frequent people as contestants, Bigg Boss manufacturers reverted for their celebs just format for Bigg Boss 13 due to dipping TRPs.

New home

Traditionally, the Bigg Boss home was situated in Lonavala but it’s been changed to Film City in Mumbai.

New feminine Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss’ voice will change this season as a female voice will combine a man’s voice. Reports indicate Ameesha Patel was roped into the endeavor. She’ll be known as the’making’ of the home and remain at a secret area to keep a watch out for the contestants. She’ll assign jobs to the contestantsreports indicate.

Salman’s favorite Jallad — an angry-looking guy who maintained his face expression despite all provocations in the Bollywood celebrity has quit the entertainment business and won’t be viewed on the series that season.