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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Waar Composed Upgrade day 6, October 5: Shehnaaz States’others May take Prize, Salman Khan will Provide me work’

Last updated on October 5, 2019

Salman Khan is back to sponsor the weekly Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Waar incident – that the Bollywood celebrity made a grand entrance grooving for his hit amount Tan Tanatan Tantan Tara on Saturday’s event. The contestants were not aware that none of those nominated contestants will probably be minding this weekend. Here are the very best highlights fro Saturday incident:

  1. He pointed out the way she took a stand for himself two days but ceased expressing herself afterward. On being asked about the same, she stated she had been afraid of revealing her true character as she did not need to be a goal at the home.
  2. Salman subsequently unveiled a link Chair’ and asked for the titles of two contestants that have made the most powerful link on the series. The home inmates reluctantly called Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill since the most powerful Jodi who subsequently proceeded to occupy the seat. Abu Malik even took the charge of enjoying with their cupid on the series.
  3. Salman subsequently encouraged contestants into a special room where they needed to provide proper answers for questions requested by him, however, they’ll be showered with different peculiar materials from sand, feathers, and water. He was also called the most misunderstood man when it came to his behavior towards girls in the home. Meanwhile, Rashmi confessed that she’s a slow student in the series.
  4. Salman subsequently asked for the title of a third individual who might spoil their pairing. Mahira Sharma was called the undesirable third person and has been requested to occupy the Kaal Kursi’.
  5. Salman opened the debate about why Bigg Boss needed to cancel the luxury job despite one group emerging as the winner. Also, he praised Shefali Bagga for taking a stand for himself post the job but contested Mahira for not accepting credit for coming up with the notion of working with a hair removal lotion that made Asim Riaz depart his chair throughout the endeavor.
  6. Shehnaaz, who’s also called’Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif’, stated they can choose the Bigg Boss decoration as she’s convinced that Salman will offer her job place the conclusion of the series.
  7. In the close of the incident, the blessed caller of this week requested Devoleena why, even though building a glamorous entrance to the tune Aashiq Banaya Aapne, she chose to live just like a’tv bahu’. Devoleena agreed and guaranteed to live as a babe from today on.