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Bill de Blasio: The Democratic primary is not over. Neither is Sanders’ candidacy

The only way to overcome President Donald Trump in November would be for Democrats to become self-critical about what went wrong in 2016 and repair those errors. We neglected to associate with all the working-class voters that are the backbone of the celebration. We did not get enough young Republicans and people of color out to the surveys.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., rather than former Vice President Joe Biden, is the antidote to every one of these issues in 2020 — but political pundits have declared the Democratic primary and the latter that the winner.

That, even though there are countless ballots to be cast and over 2,300 delegates to be given on Wednesday morning. But they’re foolish to discount my buddy Bernie so readily. Bear in mind this time this past year? CNN had him sixth in its positions of Democratic contenders, plus they were not alone in counting him from the top layer. However, he has once again demonstrated conventional wisdom incorrectly and can be still quite close from the delegate count with Biden — even because he had been at this stage in 2016.

Additionally, there is a crucial voting bloc that may help put him on the top: Hillary Clinton’s primary voters. As a 2016 Clinton delegate along with a 2020 Bernie endorser, I’ve got a very simple message to voters that motivated her winning effort years back: Come on over!

I supported Clinton in 2016 for precisely the very same reasons many people failed: After working together for decades and handling her 2000 Senate campaign, I had seen firsthand her tenacity, outstanding intellect, and hard drive to get things completed. I know she’d have been a fantastic president but it did not occur, as well as Democrats, we must see that the errors we made afterward, we can’t afford to replicate today.

Those people who supported Clinton in 2016 and are functioning with Bernie today frequently hear three common truths from Republicans to describe the reason why they’re contemplating Biden even when they enjoy a good deal of things about Bernie’s places.

For example, we frequently hear a variant of”I need somebody who’s electable” — and we ask folks to consider who is pushing the”Bernie’s too far left” story. It is not real Republicans, but the institution political group and pundits who fear they will lose their rights and influence.

Here is the fact: Most of the people do not know how politics work.

Now’s voters do not care about paper endorsements or that which the party leaders want to utilize. They care about who’ll help them manage healthcare or simply take on climate change and they vote accordingly. So let us hear the public — the youthful along with also the Latino voters Bernie has motivated, the polls which show him beating Trump at Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania from the election and that he 56 of 60 national surveys going back over a year that reveal Bernie winning the election. If you are pragmatic about winning vote for Bernie.

Also, we hear people say things like, “I need somebody who gets things done,” since, for the previous four decades, the press has ignored years of Bernie’s record. They have branded him as a stubborn, uncompromising person who puts ideology before outcomes. It is a simple caricature — and it is dead wrong.

And for 30 years in Congress, he has been a sensible, honored member.

Bernie’s worth won’t ever change — and that is a fantastic thing. However, he’s revealed over and over again he is not naive about how government functions. He has gotten really meaningful things done.

Ultimately, and most importantly, we have heard folks say, “I need someone with heart and compassion.” I know the understanding that Bernie can occasionally be a curmudgeon and I can not lie — he is guilty as charged. However, there’s also a deep warmth and humanity to Bernie and his effort. He joins with actual people because he’s real.

Watch his city halls and watch yourself how individuals who socialize with him respond with him. Watch another Bernie rally, such as the speakers. There’s a sense of romance in his effort — a moral disagreement beyond the coverage that’s unique within our politics. There’s a wonder to the way he speaks concerning the energy of battling for somebody who you do not know.

And one more crucial point for a whole lot of Democrats studying: For years, progressives within our party have come along for the ride once the party nominated a medium. We worked our butts off for nominees who did not completely align with our vision for the party and the nation, since we understood that average Democrats were much superior to Republican choices.

Bernie, maybe not Biden, is your reply to many of the mistakes we made as a celebration in 2016. He could attain the working class, inspire young voters and direct a potent movement to return the White House. Come join us and let us get it directly in 2020.