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Billionaire Tom Steyer Stops Democratic Main race

Tom Steyer, the California activist billionaire that has mostly been a nonfactor in the Democratic main campaign, dropped from the race Saturday night.

Steyer made the statement after a disappointing end in the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday night. With 56% of the vote, Steyer had only 11.7 percent of their vote despite spending countless dollars campaigning there.

Steyer had originally opted against going into the presidential race before the Placing program and linking the massive area in July.

Steyer established his candidacy on promising to announce that a”nationwide crisis ” on climate change on taking office, racial justice, and thoughts such as enabling Republicans to make laws right during routine national referenda.

Steyer managed to develop into a regular player at the Democratic debates, though some of his competitions charged he was only purchasing his way on the stage.

The billionaire activist climbed to prominence through his spending liberal causes.

The country Steyer zeroed-in on and watched the best return on his investment was South Carolina, where he always polled one of the top 3 contenders.

Asked about Democrats believing he must drop from the race because of small visible route to the nomination, Steyer told NBC News in an interview he did not take care of that which”the Democratic establishment” believes of his plan and said it had been”a crazy announcement” to claim that he had been functioning as a spoiler for former Vice President Joe Biden.