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Bipartisan Settlements in US senate, House on Gandhi’s birth anniversary

And Representative Raja Krishnamurthy, a Democrat, introduced the House bill combined by 14 co-sponsors from the parties.

“Gandhi’s unwavering dedication to calm dissent prompted countless others not only in India but across the globe,” Senator Cruz said in a statement. “His lifestyle, sacrifices, and heritage are still a light around the planet, calling attention to the tyranny and injustice that dictators attempt to run in darkness. Let’s honor him by continuing to support and encourage all those seeking to become free”

Menendez stated, “I’m proud to lead this settlement that honors Gandhi, a person whose memory has been held with such reverence across the globe.”

“Mahatma Gandhi is one of my heroes,” said Krishnamurthy at a different announcement, also added, “For an Indian-Americans functioning in Congress, I’m proud to play my part in honoring his heritage through the introduction of the bipartisan resolution honoring Mahatma Gandhi’s life and heritage.”

George Holding, a Republican that co-sponsored the settlement, stated, “Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most admired and impactful leaders of the time. His lifelong devotion to human rights, civil freedom, and liberty prompted countless millions throughout the planet. As we mark the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday, let’s honor his enduring heritage and observe his monumental effect on peace, justice, and liberty worldwide.”

Representative Grace Meng, plus a Democrat, released another resolution suggesting the adoption from the USA of the UN International Day of Non-Violence discovered on October 2, Gandhi’s birthday.

“Mahatma Gandhi was a massive civil rights and religious leader who revealed that peaceful protests could bring change, and we honor his heritage with a settlement that calls to realize his significant contributions to the planet,” said Meng.

She added that America’s very own”personalities”, such as King, were affected by him and encouraged all Americans to join in marking International Day of Non-Violence.