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‘Blatant electioneering’: Police chiefs criticise Johnson Utilizing officers since Brexit speech Background

Brand new police officers surrounded Johnson during a speech which was assumed to be on a recruiting effort for 20,000 additional officers.

However, the speech turned into Brexit with Johnson saying that he’d rather be”dead in a ditch” than request a Brexit delay.

The West Yorkshire Police said on Friday the address was just assumed to be about recruiting.

“We had no previous knowledge that the address could be relegated to other problems until it had been sent,” Chief Constable John Robins said in an announcement published by the West Yorkshire Police.

Robins stated that he was”disappointed to determine [his] police officers as a background to the component of the speech which wasn’t associated with recruiting.”

“There is not any way police officers and employees, who believed it’d be about police recruiting announcements, if have formed a background to a language of the character,” Burns-Williamson explained.

The address had begun out about police recruiting, but Johnson shortly turned into the topic of Brexit.

“I despise banging about Brexit. I don’t need to go about this anymore,” Johnson said early in the address.

Chief Constable Robins stated he had been happy the police force has been”picked as the focus of the national recruitment effort launching”, but the recruitment has been”overshadowed by the press policy of the other occasions.”

The address came only 1 day after the House of Commons passed a bill that could force Johnson to request the EU to get a Brexit expansion in case there isn’t any deal at the end of October.