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Bloomberg reassessing candidacy, will meet with Consultants

The effort officials said no last decision was made.

After pouring over $500 million of his own money to his campaign, Bloomberg failed to fulfill the 15 percent threshold needed for winning delegates in the majority of Super Tuesday states, making just a few of delegates and lagging much behind former Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., from the delegate count.

Before, the former New York City mayor insisted he’d continue his effort beyond Super Tuesday.

In a campaign stop in Miami before Tuesday, Bloomberg indicated he was ready to get a contested convention if needed, stating”I do not feel I can win another way,” adding that he had been”in it to win it”

On Tuesday, Vanity Fair reported that numerous Bloomberg advisers urged the mayor to escape the race before Super Tuesday and endorse Biden, but Bloomberg denied to do so. The Bloomberg campaign disputed the Vanity Fair report.

Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey downplayed criticism on Tuesday the Bloomberg was drawing assistance by Biden, effectively fostering Sanders and raising the odds of a contested seminar.

Regardless of the consequences on Tuesday night, Bloomberg’s campaign has spent $7 million in advertising in nations that vote after Super Tuesday, such as delegate-rich Florida, according to the monitoring firm Advertisement Analytics.

Bloomberg awakened the Democratic area in late November, leaping into the race only 100 days before Super Tuesday in the height of Democratic terror that Biden was too feeble a candidate to win the party nomination.

Early on, Bloomberg’s unprecedented effort plan seemed to work. He played well in surveys and racked up endorsements since Biden fought to make the Party’s assurance after poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

However, Bloomberg’s favorability plummeted following the vegas Democratic argument, where he had been assaulted for his alleged previous remarks about female workers and also for enacting racially discriminatory coverages as mayor.

Bloomberg has said that if he fails to win the first, he’ll divert his over 500 effort staffers to encourage the eventual Democratic nominee.