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Blow to Boris Johnson as Choice to suspend parliament declared unlawful

The contentious prorogation before October 14 took place in the wee hours of Tuesday after criticism from House of Commons speaker John Bercow, amongst others. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear another challenge to this prorogation following Tuesday.

Labor along with other opposition parties that watched the prorogation since the Johnson government’s bid to prevent scrutiny of its strategy to Brexit, called the ruling’historical’ and demanded that parliament be remembered in light of the judgment, but Downing Street resisted it.

A UK government spokesperson stated: “We’re disappointed with today’s decision, and will attract the UK Supreme Court. The UK Government should bring forward a solid national legislative agenda. Proroguing Parliament is your lawful and necessary manner of delivering this”

A panel of 3 judges in the Court of Session ruled in favor of a cross-party set of politicians that contested the prime minister’s movement, saying that the authority’s information mentioned while looking for the prorogation arrangement is unlawful.

On the other hand, the judgment won’t cause the immediate conclusion of parliament, despite demands from Labour, Scottish Nationalist Party, and many others, since it didn’t dictate the cancellation of their prorogation.

Judge Carloway stated: “We think that the guidance given by the authorities to her majesty the Queen to prorogue parliament was criminal and the prorogation itself was criminal”.

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer stated: “For the court to create a statement similar to that on a problem such as this is a massive thing for us. It vindicates what we did a week. I believe that what I want to do, and what others will need to do, would be to contact parliament and receive Boris Johnson back into parliament so we can hold him correctly into account”.

She added: “The prime minister’s behavior was reckless and outrageous, and has demonstrated a complete disregard for constitutional rules and standards.”