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Bolivian opposition senator Admits Himself interim president Following Morales resignation

Bolivia’s resistance leader announced herself the nation’s interim president Tuesday.

Senator Jeanine Áñez was sworn to the article because the South American nation scrambles to restore order following weeks of protests.

Former president Evo Morales resigned following the army asked him to resign. He’s said that he had been forced out at a coup d’état.

Morales has since arrived at Mexico where he had been granted political asylum.

Protests broke out in Bolivia following a contested October 20 election where Morales, who was in power for nearly 14 decades, was reelected.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) said that it saw”clear manipulations” of their voting strategy calling into question Morales’ slim success over centrist rival Carlos Mesa.

Áñez stated she’d”return to the nation”.

“I will work within this brief time since Bolivians deserve to reside in liberty, they deserve to stay in flames.