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Bolton Will Not be Forced to testify by court Judgment McGahn Should Look at impeachment hearing

The court judgment compelling former White House counselor Don McGahn to testify before the House Judiciary Committee does not have any bearing on if ex-National Safety Adviser John Bolton is forced to testify,” Bolton’s attorney said on Tuesday.

Charles Cooper, that symbolizes Bolton and former deputy national security advisor Charles Kupperman, asserts that McGahn’s case does not apply to his customers because Monday’s court judgment doesn’t answer whether communications between issues of national security are subject to”total testimonial immunity”

They haven’t subpoenaed Bolton and hauled a subpoena to get Kupperman, but because his attorney filed a lawsuit asking the courts to determine whether his client should follow instructions from Congress or the White House, that has advised the officials to not testify.

Kupperman and Bolton could have advice concerning the White House’s attempt to stress Ukraine to openly announce an investigation to President Donald Trump’s political competition by withholding a meeting in the White House and almost $400 million in safety assistance.

House Democrats also have suggested that McGahn’s court ruling by Federal District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn’t have bearing on Bolton.

Democrats have indicated they don’t have any plans to subpoena Bolton.

Cooper stated he’ll continue to seek out another court judgment on if Kupperman, and from default Bolton, could be forced to testify.

“Dr. Kupperman will continue to pursue his suit seeking an authoritative and binding judicial judgment resolving the matter whether he’s constitutionally obliged to comply with the House’s demand that he participates or the President’s conflicting requirement he declines to do so,” Cooper stated.

This is exactly the identical place that Cooper has had because Bolton and Kupperman were called into deposed. At a Nov. 8 letter to House Democrats,” Cooper wrote that,”unlike McGahn, data regarding national security and international affairs is in the core of the Committees’ impeachment question, and it’s hard to envision any question which the Committees could put to Dr. Kupperman who wouldn’t implicate these sensitive locations.”

“The same is true, naturally, to Ambassador Bolton,” Cooper stated.

In his statement reacting to this McGahn court conclusion, House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff didn’t mention Bolton. “We’d encourage witnesses to show the same courage and patriotism of public servants such as Dr. Hill, Lt. Col. Vindman, Ambassador Taylor and many others that have begun to satisfy their responsibility,” Schiff said.