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Bong Joon Ho on Parasite’s six Oscar nods:’It Is like Inception. Shortly I will wake up and realize that this was all a fantasy’

Director Bong Joon Ho states Parasite’s six Oscar nominations sense as a fantasy from Inception and he’s afraid he will wake up from it. Parasite, that has had an excellent global journey because it won the Palme d’Or in the Cannes Film Festival, scripted history by becoming the first South Korean movie to bag the best film Oscar nomination.

“I believe it is like Inception. Shortly I will wake up and realize that this was all a fantasy, I am still in the center of Parasite and the equipment is malfunctioning. I visit the leasing truck on fire and I am wailing. But right now, everything is fantastic and I am very happy,” Bong informed Deadline through his biography as well as filmmaker Sharon Choi.

The manager, who burst on the worldwide film scene with Memories of Murder, and it has led acclaimed titles like MotherNature, The Host, Snowpiercer and Okja, stated they didn’t anticipate this type of love once they put out to create the movie, a course satire place in South Korea.

“Once I was producing this movie, I did not intend or goal for one or more one of these things to take place. Everything that has happened from Cannes to now, we aimed to produce a delicate and meticulous craft bit such as a luxury Swiss watch.

“This is quite uncommon for Asia and Korea to get a film to be nominated for groups like Best Picture and Best Director. We never anticipated any of this and I feel all this is due to the pure enthusiasm our amazing actors and crew members needed in their quest to make a high-quality movie and take on fresh challenges. I believe that the Academy members recognized as fellow filmmakers,” the filmmaker told the book.

The area of Parasite is becoming enlarged with a restricted HBO string for which Bong is cooperating with Succession manufacturer Adam McKay. “I liked Adam McKay’s The large Short and that I loved his sense of humor, along with also the sharp satire he conveyed concerning the current American politics.

I understood that when I had a longer running time, I’d have the ability to tell these tales, and that is what I intend to speak about with Adam fairly shortly,” he explained.