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Boost for Boris Johnson since Nigel Farage says Brexit Party Will Not Endure in Conservative seats

Nigel Farage has declared his Brexit Party won’t contest parliamentary seats held by Boris Johnson’s Conservatives at the forthcoming December election.

The conclusion — a boost for Johnson — effectively reverses the anti-EU campaigner’s earlier pledge the Brexit Party will struggle all chairs unless the prime ministry dedicated to some no-deal Brexit.

“The Brexit Party won’t contest the 317 chairs the Conservatives won in the previous election,” Farage declared while talking about the party’s election plan.

Farage said he worried that contesting all chairs would create a suspended parliament and hand profits into the pro-Remain Liberal Democrats.

The party intends to focus effort against the opposition Labour party as well as the”remaining remainder” chairs to protect against a Labour government or pro-Remain coalition that could hold another Brexit referendum.

“I believe when there was a second referendum, it could be catastrophic,” Farage said.

He stated he changed his mind part after Johnson vowed he wouldn’t expand the Brexit transition interval beyond 2020.