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Boris Johnson pledges to take Brexit Charge back to parliament’until you cook your Christmas turkey’

He said he’d also work to lower VAT on tampons and”eliminate cruelty to animals” by banning live exports.

Talking at a John Smedley knitwear factory, he explained: “We could find that withdrawal invoice back in parliament until you cook your Christmas turkey”

Johnson afterward proceeded to criticize the”broken parliament” system now in place, before saying he’d concentrate on infrastructure, technology, and education when his Conservative Party must win on December 12.

He said he’d also concentrate on the UK’s public services and private companies – however all the time shoving toward environmentally friendly practices.

“We could be better and quicker and cleaner and shinier at precisely the same time,” he said, later adding: “fourteen days to make certain we could invest in our NHS, in our colleges, and our authorities.

“Seven days to unleash this nation’s potential and becoming surging ahead.”

The prime minister’s address came only hours after an opinion poll released Wednesday discovered his Conservative Party held a 10-point lead on its rival Labour Party.

The Savana ComRes survey, which surveyed 2,041 individuals between December 2-3, found 42 percent of participants were financing Conservatives, compared to 32% for Labour, and 12 percent for the Liberal Democrats.