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Boris Johnson’s Dad to apply for French citizenship

The daddy of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use for French citizenship after Brexit is completed, reported the current edition of the Sunday Times.

The petition for French nationality by Stanley Johnson, 79, was disclosed by his daughter Rachel at a book published weekly.

“That is very good news, I really could turn into French also,” the girl added.

Stanley Johnson was among the earliest British officers in Brussels, as a part of the European Parliament and after of this Commission.

This directed his offsprings, such as Boris Johnson, to devote a part of his youth in the Belgian capital and also to learn French.

Like his son Boris, the senior Johnson is frequently outspoken and lately challenged government requests to Remain at home as far as possible to prevent dispersing the new coronavirus

“[Boris] stated that we ought to avoid visiting the bar but when I must go to the bar, I’ll visit the bar,” he told ITV past week.

The government has ordered the closing of bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, sports halls and leisure centers from Friday evening to resist the spread of COVID-19 that has murdered 233 men and women in the nation, in the most recent count.