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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston exchange hugs at SAG Awards Also it Is all their fans wanted:’All These pics are heartwarming’

Last updated on January 22, 2020

Celebrities and former Bunch Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Eventually had the much-anticipated reunion at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Both have been clicked backstage along with the images that have gone viral.

Pitt added into his front-runner status with a triumph in the actors’ guild. .Hollywood. His address he did not disappoint in any way. Pitt, who stated he had been nursing the flu, looked down in his award and said, “I have to bring this on my Tinder profile”

“Let us be fair, it was a challenging part. A man who gets large, takes off his shirt and does not get on with his spouse,” joked Pitt. “It was a huge stretch.” The crowd laughed and clapped, such as — since the cameras recorded — Aniston, his ex-wife.

Aniston afterward won an award of her for the best female actor in a drama series to its Apple TV Plus series, The Morning Show. She stated upon reaching the point. Once she got off point, they warmly congratulated each other in their initial person SAG Awards. Pictures reveal them discussing a hug. He’s also observed holding her arm as she swung about to depart.

“Was not prepared for this!!! My heart. “WHAT IN THE NAME OF 2004 is going on! ,” tweeted. Meanwhile, others have begun dreaming about a patch-up. “Omg guysssss what if #BradPitt chooses #JenniferAniston into da #Oscars,” read a tweet.

Shortly after their divorce, Brad began dating Angelina Jolie and wed her in 2014. Their scenario divided Hollywood buffs into Team Ange and Team Jen, fighting it out to establish who’s worthy of Brad. Brad and Angelina adopted three children and also had three biological children together.

Today, Jen’s fans are hoping both would rekindle their love and reunite. But, Brad was amazed at hearing it by a paparazzo, lately.

Pitt giggled and said: “Oh my God!” He was envisioned walking down the road when the photographer said to him”You are looking great. It is very good to see you, happy guy.”

A source had formerly told Entertainment Tonight, “Jen and Brad have stayed friends and have spoken to each other several times because they both became unmarried. They’re buddies and have supported each other through some difficult times. They have come so far as their union and intend to remain friends for life. There are no hard feelings between them.”