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Brawl into Turkish parliament over military action against Syria

A brawl broke out in Turkey’s parliament on Wednesday during stressed negotiations over Turkey’s military participation in northwest Syria.

Video images revealed heaps of legislators from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party and by the primary opposition party pushing each other.

From the footage, a few are observed throwing punches while some attempt to pull on the legislators apart.

Struggling is a frequent phenomenon in Turkey’s parliament.
The conflict on Wednesday began when Engin Ozkoc of this opposition Republican People’s Party took the rostrum. During a news conference shortly before, Ozkoc is known as Erdogan”dishonorable, ignoble, low and dangerous”.

Also, he accused the president of sending the kids of Turkey’s people to struggle while Erdogan’s offspring supposedly prevented long-term military support.

During a speech to members of the party, Erdogan himself had accused the opposition before being”dishonorable, ignoble, dangerous and low” for questioning Turkey’s military participation in Syria’s northwest Idlib state.

Tensions are running high after the deaths of over 50 Turkish soldiers at Idlib from the last month, including 33 who have been murdered in an assault on Thursday.

Turkey sent tens of thousands of troops into Syria to help stop a Russia-backed Syrian authorities offensive to retake Idlib state and also to encourage Syrian resistance fighters holed up.