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Brexit Conquer sees UK Going for another mid-term poll

Another mid-term election spawned by heavy Brexit branches is on the cards following the Boris Johnson authorities suffered a defeat in the House of Commons on Tuesday night on the dilemma of leaving the EU on October 31 without an arrangement.

Opponents of a no-deal Brexit containing resistance parties in addition to rebel Conservative MPs transferred the movement on the first day of parliament session on Tuesday, winning it in the day. The win enables one to table a bill on Wednesday banning a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson said following the defeat: “The chief of this resistance was begging to an election for a couple of decades. I don’t need to have an election but when MPs vote compels another pointless delay to Brexit then are the only means to solve this”.

Labor pioneer Jeremy Corbyn reacted: “There is not any majority for a no-deal Brexit from the nation. Fine. Get the bill passed to take no-deal off the table”.

Leading cabinet members at the past Theresa May authorities were one of 21 Conservative MPs who voted against the Johnson authorities, such as former chancellor Philip Hammond, former justice secretary David Gauke and veteran party MPs like Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve.

The election is very likely to be held on October 14.

Even the Johnson government earlier in the afternoon lost its slim majority of a single after Conservative MP Philip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats. The coming election is going to be the next in five years because of the general election in 2015 and the mid-term variant in 2017.

Recent regional elections and by-elections imply that parties with a definite place on Brexit have profited the most.

Even the Liberal Democrats with a publicly pro-EU, anti-Brexit position and also the newly-formed Brexit celebration having an overt anti-EU, pro-Brexit standing have increased at the cost of Labour and juvenile.