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Brexit Could be good for Europe, says Finland’s Foreign Minister

Talking to Euronews in the World Economic Forum at Davos, he said other nations have witnessed the problems faced by the united kingdom and it’s galvanized support for the bloc.

“What Brexit triggered was lots of help of European Union members,” Haavisto said. “They find out how hard it’s to leave and what number of arrangements they must make if they depart the EU so perhaps it is far better to remain.”

It had been feared the UKs death from the European Union may pave the way for other members to follow suit, nevertheless, Haavisto rather insists that the EU has a means of inhabiting these perceived disasters.

“I believe Europe is quite good at living,” Haavisto said. “We’ve many times been believing that this is the ending but something has occurred and we’ve been successful.”

A history of disasters
Lajcak acknowledges it has been a tough five years for the EU.

“One reason is that somehow we (the EU) have constantly needed to react to matters that we were not ready for” Lajcak stated. These were enormous modifications and Europe was unable to Locate a proper answer”

Lajcak does believe that the new commission has attracted a new method of believing and thinking Europe should be more assertive.

For the EU to flourish Haavisto considers it has to have on better terms with the USA. Since President Trump threatens to inflict massive tariffs on cars unless a deal could be struck, Haavisto admits that this is a brand new circumstance.

“We have to convince the US why collaboration with Europe is significant and why we need each other”