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Britain Will Not Behave on European arrest warrant for Catalan separatist Clara Ponsati

British governments have placed on hold what they deemed a”disproportionate” European arrest warrant issued by Spain since it attempts to extradite Catalan separatist leader Clara Ponsati within her part in a failed independence bid, official records have shown.

A Spanish interior ministry source told Reuters on Wednesday that British authorities wouldn’t set the merit in their system because they guessed it disproportionate, but no decision was shot at the judicial level on the merit.

In documents sent to the Interior Ministry and seen by Reuters, the British side stated that”no additional actions will be taken from the united kingdom now”, but it allowed for the possibility of reopening the case at a later date if Spain will supply more info regarding the seriousness of this offense.

For the time being, the merit was deemed”disproportionate under UK legislation”, the files revealed.

The plebiscite put off a short-lived statement of liberty in Catalonia.

Ponsati is facing one charge of sedition, based on court records issued in Spain the identical fee on which many independence leaders had been sentenced in October to around 13 years in prison.

As stated by the British answer, the regional authorities mind Quim Torra, a separatist, tweeted: “The global humiliation of Spain and Spanish legislation is colossal”.