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British PM Boris Johnson Contrasts himself ‘The Unbelievable Hulk’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has compared himself into The unbelievable Hulk as he claims to dismiss a fresh House of Commons laws ordering him to postpone Brexit if negotiations break down.

“Banner may be jumped in manacles, but if provoked he’d burst from these. Hulk always escaped, however closely jumped in he appeared to be and that’s how it is for this nation. We’ll come out on October 31 and we’ll do it.”

From the meeting, Johnson also stated there were”actual signals of motion” from Berlin, Paris and Dublin over ditching the backstop which would tie the UK or Northern Ireland into EU principles – the problem that proved deadly to former Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal.

“I believe that we are going to arrive,” he explained. “I will be speaking to Jean-Claude about how we are going to perform it.

“I am quite confident. When I got this job everyone was saying that there could be zero modification to the Withdrawal Agreement, the backstop was immutable, the structures where the UK was kept locked into the EU indefinitely, they stated no one can change .

“They’ve moved off that and, as you probably know, there is a very, very great dialog going on about how to tackle the problems of the Irish border. A large amount of progress has been created,” he told The Mail.

When he fails to strike a bargain, Johnson is determined he won’t obey Parliament’s arrangement to request the EU to expand the Brexit deadline from October 31 to January 31, 2020.

The Prime Minister had previously said he would rather”die in a ditch” compared to postpone Brexit.

Downing Street strategists have stated they have invented a secret strategy, known only to the Prime Minister and also three important consultants, which they claim will permit them to dismiss the laws without breaking the law – though many legal experts were sceptical that this sort of ruse may get the job done.