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British PM Boris Johnson Place to suspend parliament from October 8 to 14

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to request parliament to be suspended from October 8 to 14, his Downing Street office said Wednesday, following a previous effort was ruled unlawful.

“All these timings would imply parliament is prorogued for the shortest period possible to empower all the needed logistical preparations” for Queen Elizabeth II to summarize the administration’s new legislative program,” it said in a statement.

Pro-European lawmakers were outraged and watched the movement as an effort to stifle democratic debate on Britain’s impending death from the European Union on October 31.

After legal struggles in England and Scotland, the Supreme Court judged Johnson’s guidance to the monarch was criminal and termed the lengthy prorogation defeated parliament’s constitutional functions.

The move could mean parliament is suspended following the close of business on Tuesday and miss two sitting days, on October 9 and 10.

Johnson, who took office July, wants a brand new suspension when he’s to outline his legislative program to the next session of parliament.

“I wish to deliver about the public’s priorities,” he explained.

“Throughout a Queen’s Speech, the government will put out its aims for the NHS (National Health Service), colleges, tackling crime, investing in infrastructure and developing a solid market.

“We’ll get Brexit completed on October 31 and keep delivering on these very important issues.”