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British police arrest 20 people after Big human trafficking and modern Captivity bust

Of those detained, 13 individuals were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and modern slavery offenses, while seven had been detained for immigration offenses and possession of fake products.

The multi-agency surgery, which involved over 150 individuals across five weeks, led to the raids of five nail pubs in the area on Thursday morning.

A total of 24 individuals were found within the speeches and were taken into a reception facility for medical therapy and additional assistance.

Five of those people found are thought to be kids.

Over 5,500 items were confiscated, such as imitation cigarettes and Range Rover automobile.

In a statement, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Rogers stated that he was”happy” with the consequence of the operation, “that was launched to protect vulnerable people, identify perpetrators of crime and ultimately protect people “

He added: “Human trafficking, contemporary slavery and sexual abuse frequently happen in plain sight, and it’s frequently the situation those taking out these offenses exploit people from less fortunate backgrounds that have traveled into our county at a better life.

“They prey on the understanding these folks will execute difficult, labor-intensive function to provide for themselves”

Meanwhile, Southwark Council’s Victoria Mills said her main concern was the girls, children and vulnerable men and women who were”trapped in this despicable trade”.

She added: “Our officers are working with the authorities, expert Vietnamese charities, the Salvation Army, social support and other service personnel, to help people who would like to access support”

A specific spotlight was put on instances of human trafficking in Europe lately after the discovery of 39 bodies at the back of a refrigerated lorry container in Essex.