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Bulgaria: Residents near Pernik protest of water shortages

Acute water shortages at the Bulgarian Town of Pernik Attracted protesters on to the Roads on Saturday. Hundreds of residents gathered in the front of the government headquarters to require urgent action to be taken to prevent what they predict a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

Residents in Pernik are unable to satisfy their basic water requirements for weeks and state bribery and incompetence are supporting the shortages. They also cautioned that the town’s only water source, the Studena Dam, will probably be dry in fourteen days.

There are worries he permitted water to visit industrial centers despite knowing it might influence the drinking water of around 100 000 individuals.

Bulgaria’s resistance has filed a motion accusing the authorities of being responsible for the water crisis. On the other hand, the movement will probably fail because the government has a tiny majority in parliament.

Saturday’s demonstration can be fuelled by town mayor’s decision to cancel a large global dance festival there as a result of catastrophe. The festival attracts thousands of people. It’s a significant source of earnings for several locals and it hasn’t yet been canceled in 60 decades.