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Business opportunities Enlarging for Dubai in Africa

In its fifth edition, the two-day occasion in Dubai researched the challenges and opportunities related to conducting business in Africa with several firms seeking the continent since the upcoming huge investment frontier.

The development in a shifting political landscape seems to have fostered confidence in Africa overall, make sure it reformist leaders like Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who obtained this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, or even the registering of those African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) nearly two decades back, which can be set to make one of the world’s largest single markets for products and services.

Joining three areas together

This might be music to the ears of several African leaders who view Dubai as a blueprint for the way to create their savings.

The UAE is reviving among the planet’s most historic trade routes with established itself not just as a vital gateway to Africa but also since the continent’s most second-largest foreign investor following China.

“If you take a look at “One Belt One Road”, then there’s a large drive for the UAE authorities, the Chinese authorities, and African authorities to link these three areas collectively,” clarified Isaac Kwaku Fokuo Jr, Founder & Principal, Botho Emerging Market Group.

UAE players busy in Africa

In 2018, non-oil exports and re-exports in the UAE to Africa attained roughly $18 billion. A number of these would have traveled through DP Earth, which works in seven African nations. Africa represents 10 percent of the vent giant’s global earnings and it is growing. However, you will find other UAE players busy in the world.

“Al Ghurair Group, their printing branch has a very massive African industry, from Republicans cards into passports, to currency they print in Dubai for Africa,” explained William Stenhouse, Creator, UAE-Africa Networking Group.

“When we consider the significant markets which Agility is growing into, Emirates (airlines) belongs to each of these destinations or you can find great relations,” explained Stenhouse.


However, there are challenges when dealing with any emerging economy and several businesses need advice on how to best run their business on the earth.

Dubai is appealing for business

African organizations are drawn to Dubai due to its experience in areas like construction and infrastructure. You will find several 21,000 of them working in the Emirateup by nearly a quarter in only two yea0rs. Crucial incentives include tax breaks in addition to access to visas and Islamic funds.

“As large as 50% demand Islamic and Sharia-compliant funding records. We have seen it at the technological area in addition to in different locations and sometimes that entails a more revolutionary approach,” additional Blazquez-Lopez.

While the UAE would like to exchange with Africa overall, also, there are changes in its backyard.

“Envision a zone of a Frequent market between nations on the Red Sea across the Africa side along with also the Gulf Corporation Council’s (GCC) side with direction in the UAE. For example, now, you have a couple of flashpoints concerning geopolitical problems. If those issues are solved, I believe you are likely to find a massive opportunity and enormous increase from the Red Sea region,” added Isaac Kwaku Fokus.

“When you examine the trade with the world, perhaps in the previous five decades, it’s been either negative or flat with many pieces. However, with Africa, it is always growing, nearly doubled.”

“What we have been doing more (in Dubai) is to associate with someone like Carrefour and rather than selling into Africa, set in large markets such as Nairobi as well as Tanzania. They are looking with us into Ethiopia, 100 million people, ten times that which we have here in UAE. That is something we would like to do more “

Buamim clarified any challenges can be worked out collectively. “Funding isn’t easy but we think whether they (the firms ) bundle it in an ideal way, should they get the ideal information, the ideal business model, they (can) come here to Dubai (and) they will be able to have a whole community of venture capitalists that have a great deal of curiosity about Africa.”

“But they do not understand how to get to Africa because it is complex but this is much more of a partnership with Africa. Let Africans take action. You finance them. Be part of this,” clarified Buamim.

Given the current international economic scenario, can I inquire how you see the investment climate not only in Africa but also from the UAE?

“I’d say for the area, such as UAE, it’s limitations so unquestionably investors constantly search for opportunities everywhere. Africa has particular doubts, certain dangers but also has the desire “

“We’ve got a fantastic track record because 2012 of the majority of our investors that went into the areas we identified. They have been really happy with the yields they could do in such nations.

How can a continent of more than 1 billion individuals scale up?

Kenneth Obiajulu, Managing Director, Farmcrowdy is expecting to expand from Africa and stated he obtained a great deal of support.

“My mentor was amazing. He knows the character of what we’re doing in Nigeria and seeking to expand in the UAE.”

Dubai as an Emirate considers collaborations such as these could benefit both its economy and Africa, as a new and exciting thing seems to start up.

“From fighting offense to children’s schooling and food safety, regular transportation to emergency response”

The near future

Moving into 2020, conventional sectors like agriculture and mining will remain significant key drivers of growth, as Africa also seems to launch itself as a production base. Electricity accessibility remains a significant challenge, even though a brand new political landscape is still emerging.

“If you take a look in Angola, South Africa, the direction equilibrium in Kenya, you will find new leaders, new frontier guys who will graph a more constructive path for the continent,” explained Goolam Ballim, Chief Economist, Standard Bank South Africa.

But that street could establish an uphill struggle for Ethiopia’s internationally famous Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Although his nation had been Africa’s fastest-growing market in 2018, it is grappling with cultural tensions.

“The society as a whole is moving ahead and that does not follow that the street will be eloquent.”

A mixed image as Africa enters a new decade which could establish its prosperous up to now.