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By Scotch into sanitiser: Covid-19 shakes, stirs industry

Scotch whiskey is one of the UK’s biggest export businesses, but the coronavirus pandemic has spiked it to this extent that 87 percent of distilleries in Scotland have closed entirely or are working at reduced capacity — most generating hand sanitizers in the majority.

There are now 133 Scotch whiskey distilleries working in Scotland, sending 1.3 billion bottles to 175 markets across the world, such as India. The industry contributes more than # 5 billion to the UK market, however, the figures are put to be sober in the present calendar year.

As stated by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), the business has significantly scaled-back surgeries to guard the security of the workforce throughout the pandemic. Many have shifted to creating hand sanitizers and ethanol to encourage health services.

“All websites that continue to function have rigorous social distancing set up to safeguard employees…87 percent of manufacturing sites are operating at reduced capacity or have shut completely,” that the SWA states in its most recent analysis of the business.

The latest estimates show several organizations are manufacturing hand sanitizer onsite or supplying high strength ethanol into other producers, amounting to 14.1 million liters — sufficient to create approximately 56 million bottles of hand sanitizers.

“The prognosis for our business, as for many other people, is unclear.

The SWA has been campaigning for enhanced market access to India, in which Scotch whiskey is anticipated to account for just 1 percent of its own 300 million-case sector. India imposes a 150 percent tariff, other than other levies by country authorities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has frequently remarked that Scotch whisky are among the highest things in discussions on a free trade deal with India following Brexit.