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Can Poland’s WWII grievances delay the German ambassador’s approval?

Poland has accepted that the appointment of a new German ambassador following an odd delay of almost 3 months.

There’s been significant speculation in social media concerning why the ruling Law and Justice party took so long to take von Loringhoven.

Szymon Szymkowski vel Sek, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, declared the approval overdue on Monday but additionally known to Polish sensitivity toward the memory of the Second World War.

“It’s even more challenging to cure this wound when a person takes into consideration the recurring efforts to falsify the failure to fully account for flaws and grievances,” the diplomat mentioned to the PAP news agency.

“In this circumstance, the mindset of Germany and German politicians is of specific significance.”

Jürgen Hardt, a foreign policy spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcomed the approval but clarified the agrément as”late”.

On Tuesday, Poland commemorates the 81st anniversary of the invasion from National Socialist Germany in 1939, which started the Second World War.

Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, three thousand of these Poles, along with a further 2.5 million non-Jewish cultural Poles were murdered during the war.

Last month, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda reported that the absence of a Polish voice throughout the World Holocaust Forum has been”falsification of history”.

The conservative everyday Rzeczpospolita had reported von Loringhoven’s dad had served as a military officer for Nazi Germany during the war, which judgment party leader Jarosław Kaczyński compared his appointment.

German’s DPA news agency also reports that Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven readies the daily military briefing from Adolf Hitler’s bunker from 1944 to the end of April 1945 as an adjutant to the Army Chief of Staff.

“It remains incomprehensible to people that the government postponed the awarding of this agrément for such a long time,” said Hardt.

“Ambassador Freytag von Loringhoven is a seasoned diplomat who has worked all his life to get a trusting and close alliance with Poland.”

On Monday, von Loringhoven visited the division of their Pilecki Institute in Berlin with the Polish Ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przylebski.

The German embassy reported on Twitter which von Loringhoven had”emphasized the memory of history is quite valuable to us and the Germans declared their obligation”.

Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven has served as the deputy head of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, also as Germany’s ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Also, he became NATO’s first leader of intellect in 2016.