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Cardiologist Looks before NIA, Delivered back Following Caution on Yaseen Malik’s Files

A seemingly difficult figure in separatist Yaseen Malik’s records resulted in the National Investigation Agency (NIA) calling top Delhi cardiologist Upendra Kaul to an excuse on Friday.

Kaul that has been treating Malik for various neurological disorders for two years advised NIA officials that the amount at the separatist leader’s newspapers called a blood test rather than crores of rupees.

The cardiologist said that he had been outside of the NIA headquarters in half an hour.

The officers were convinced, and that is all,” Kaul said, following the questioning.

He said he advised the NIA which Malik was his patient and had consulted him to get heart trouble along with the entrance in the files pertained to this.

Malik is currently in Tihar Jail in judicial custody in 2 instances, including one associated with terror financing. The NIA is probing a situation associated with terror financing of different groups and is analyzing messages exchanged by Malik with a variety of people over some time.

“We’re assessing everybody. We’ve perused volumes of records, going into each minute detail to be certain of the details that have to undergo legal scrutiny in a court of law eventually,” a senior NIA officer stated.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated meticulous analysis has led in ensuring that those detained by the NIA in dread financing cases have yet to be able to find bail.