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Charlie Hebdo republishes Muhammad cartoons on eve of terror Assault trial

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad which were mentioned by Islamic extremists as a motive behind the murderous assault on its employees in January 2015.

The pictures were republished on the eve of Wednesday’s trial to Charlie Hebdo killings, which, together with a later assault on a kosher grocery store, left 17 people dead.

Even though the three attackers were killed by authorities, those moving earlier French justice are accused of being accomplices. They comprise the spouse of one of those attackers – being tried in absentia – also as a community of men who supposedly provided firearms, ammunition, transport, and bulletproof vests.

The front page of the present variant reads”This, for this,” together with the pictures of Muhammad.

An editorial clarifies the images currently”belong to background”.

“Reproducing those caricatures this week of the launching of this January 2015 terrorist attacks seemed crucial to us. All of the motives which may be about us link solely to governmental or journalistic cowardice. Do we would like to stay in a nation that prides itself on being a fantastic free and modern democracy, and, at precisely the same time, gives up on claiming its deepest convictions?”

The images were initially published in 2005 from the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten, then republished in 2006 by Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo’s office was under assault earlier by Muslim extremists, such as a firebomb attack in 2011.

Its editorial leadership has been put under police protection, which stays in place for this day.

Laurent Sourisseau, the newspaper’s manager and one of the few employees to have survived the assault, called all the victims at a foreword for the week’s version.

“Rare are people who, five decades after, dare oppose the requirements which are so pressing religions generally, and a few species,” composed Sourisseau, who’s also called Riss.

The 2015 assault
As they declared: “We’ve avenged the Prophet.”

Then they murdered a wounded policeman out of point-blank variety and drove off.

Two days after, a jailhouse acquaintance of theirs, Amedy Coulibaly, stormed a kosher supermarket to the eve of the Jewish Sabbath, murdering four hostages and promising allegiance to the Islamic State team. Also, he murdered a young policewoman.

The Kouachi brothers needed by then awakened at a printing office with another hostage.

“The launching of the trial is the second to keep in mind that the struggle against Islamist terrorism is a significant priority of this authorities,” Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin said Monday at a speech in the French intelligence headquarters. “We’ll fight .”

The trial is going to likely be filmed for posterity, a rarity in France earmarked for proceedings of historic significance.

Among those 3 absent defendants is Hayat Boumedienne, Coulibaly’s spouse that fled to Syria days before the attacks. She even took a starring role in among Islamic Country’s propaganda blitzes, advocating French Muslims, women, and men alike, to accompany her path.